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Sexual Harassment Training Class: Dealing With Sexual Harassment Over the Phone

Sexual harassment over the phone has long been the focus point of jokes relating to the so-called "heavy breather". The reality of it though is no joke at all for the victim or victims. Often times, this awful behavior is far more serious than just "heavy breathing" down the line.

There was once a young couple, who for reasons that will become more apparent later, will remain anonymous. They were soon to be married and then all of a sudden the female started to receive sexual harassment over the phone. It started one evening when the phone suddenly rang and when the female picked up the phone there was a mans voice explaining graphically what he wanted to do to her.

The man was offering to pay her to go to his house to perform sordid acts on him. No matter how many times she said no and slammed down the phone, the abuser would just keep calling until she finally pulled the phone cable from the wall.

Now you would think that would be an end to it but when her future husband found out he began questioning her and gradually became suspicious of her. Over time this escalated and so did the phone calls until finally they broke up.

Sexual harassment over the phone is serious. It can destroy relationships and have the victim living in fear. Every time the phone rings the victim will jump as though they have just been bitten. It can even have a long-term influence on the victims psychology. You see relentless harassment not only causes annoyance but leaves a lasting impression in the victims mind. In severe cases, the victim can be pushed to the edge and they can end up taking their own life.

Experts are of the opinion that sexual harassment over the phone should be regulated by phone operators. However, it is left to the victim to take matters into their own hands. You see whilst phone operators acknowledge sexual harassment over the phone takes place they say there is nothing they can do legally to help. It would not make sense for phone companies to disconnect paying customers as they are a business like any other.

So what can you do if you become a victim of sexual harassment over the phone. First of all you need to identify the caller. This can be done by using a well-known and trusted reverse phone look up service. As long as you have the callers phone number you can simply enter it into the search field provided and in seconds you can establish whether there are any details on the offender.

You can then pay a small fee for a full and comprehensive report. This tracer report will contain details of the persons name, address and lots more. Now next time the offender calls you can call him or her by their name. The interesting thing about those who make these sort of illegal calls is that they are often sad and lonely individuals who do not have the self-confidence or self-esteem to hold down a normal relationship and so they hide behind the mask of the phone. Simply naming and shaming the sexual deviant will often stop them in their tracks immediately.

In some cases this is not enough. You may have to resort to filing a complaint which can be done directly from the reverse phone look up website once you have downloaded your report. Another piece of advice when dealing with sexual harassment over the phone is to log every call. Take note of the time and date of the call and also details of what was said.

Armed with this information and with your tracer report in hand you can report it to the authorities who will them be able to take action as they will have all the evidence they need.

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